Trekking and hiking

Paganella, Brenta Dolomites and surrounding area

Climb to the top of Paganella
A slope of over 1000 mt can be traveled over pleasant trails in coniferous forests to discover a panoramic view that spans 360° throughout Trentino, from Lake Garda to the peaks of Alto Adige (South Tyrol)
ITINERARY OF HISTORY: Path of the Rhaetian People

Path that brings back in the past, among the ruins of the village of the Raeti, warrior people of the second century BC

ITINERARY OF NATURE: Path of the Eight

Easy walk through the meadows and crops that characterize Fai's landscape, even with a stroller

ITINERARY OF RELAX: Path of Ardito Alberto
Easy path dedicated to Alberto, aviator of the royal army in the body of the "Arditi"

Path in the beech forest, along the way, relaxation stops and possibility to play with the water of the Fai river.
*Forest Bathing Park of Fai della Paganella

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